Instructions For HTM APPRECIATON WEEK Prize Drawing 2024

In celebration of HTM (Healthcare Technology Management) Appreciation Week,

Tenacore will be sending out special posters in all our customer's return service

packages and/or any T-cert purchases


HTM Appreciation Week


- Hang the posters in prominent locations throughout the facility / shop, such as

common areas, break rooms, and hallways.

- Ensure that all employees have easy access to the posters so they can see and

appreciate them throughout the week.


Prize Drawing:

- Nominators can scan the QR code on the posters and enter their name as well

as the individual who they are nominating to be entered in the drawing.

- This prize drawing applies to both the external customers as well as the

internal biomed teams.

- Potential prizes will be announced through email, Tenacore Account

Executives, and social media.

- On May 13th, once we have gathered all the submissions, JotForm will be

closed, and no more submissions will be accepted.

- Names will be drawn randomly at the end of the week to select the winners of

the prizes.



- All winners will be recognized on our website as well as our social media pages.

- Encourage continued appreciation and recognition of colleagues throughout

the year.


*HTM APPRECATION WEEK Nominations will run from March 8 – May 13, 2024