1500 Series | VeeVo Wall Suction Regulator

VeeVo 1500 Series Continuous-Intermittent Wall Suction Regulator
Vacuum Range: 0-300 mmHg Regulated (CONT Mode)
Vacuum Range: 0-300 mmHg Intermittent (INT Mode)

Basic Features
The mode selector knob is used to select the OFF (no flow), CONT
(continuous, regulated suction), or INT (regulated intermittent suction mode).

The pressure adjustment knob controls the vacuum pressure that is delivered
to the patient. Turning the knob clockwise (to the right) increases the vacuum
level; turning the knob counter-clockwise (to the left) decreases the vacuum
level. The mode selector knob should be used to turn the unit OFF, not the
pressure adjustment knob.

The color-coded, dual-scale analog gauge includes a luminescent dial and
needle, and is accurate to ±5% of full scale.


Vendor: Tenacore
Inlet (Bottom) Fitting: No Fitting (1/*" FNPT), DISS Male, Tubing Nipple, Locking Gland (Fitting Only), Vacuum Trap (Complete Trap with DISS Fittings), Hydrophobic Filter (Disposable)
Outlet (Back) Fitting: No Fitting (1/8" FNPT), Chemetron Male, DISS Hand-Tight, DISS Nut & Nipple, Oxequip Med*Star, Ohio Diamond, Oxequip '07 Series (Twist), Puritan-Bennett
Weight::  3.0 lb