Biomeds Make Better Decisions

Biomeds Make Better Decisions

More and more today, the lives and well-being of patients depend on the biomedical equipment present in nearly every healthcare facility. But more than that, they depend on the biomedical equipment technicians who ensure the quality and operation of that equipment.

Lives are literally in the hands of biomeds every day. They understand the tools and their value to healthcare — and they need to be empowered with the resources necessary to make the best decisions.

Every biomed understands the struggles of keeping medical devices running at peak efficiency when time is of the essence and funds are limited:

  • - You need equipment, parts and service now.
  • - You can’t risk getting subpar quality.
  • - Your budget won’t allow inflated pricing.

One thing is certain about even the best equipment: It will malfunction and require corrective or preventative maintenance at some point, frequently at the most inopportune time. Fortunately, Tenacore, a leading provider of depot service and repair, makes it fast and easy to schedule service with our knowledgeable team standing by.


Many depot repairs can be shipped in 48 to 72 hours from our ISO 13485:2016 certified facility.


COVID-19 has made consumers acutely aware of supply-chain problems. Some days, it seems like every vital product or part is stuck in shipping or somewhere along the logistics path. The HTM community can’t risk delayed delivery or low-quality options from disreputable or offshore sources when quality healthcare hangs in the balance.


Tenacore’s expert support team is knowledgeable, courteous and ready to provide solutions that fit a hospital’s budget. Through our T.Certified equipment program, hospitals have access to recertified medical devices. Benefits of our T.Certified equipment program include:


  • - 10-step process ensures all equipment is tested to OEM specifications.
  • - Peace of mind with industry-leading warranties on all equipment.
  • - Service and repair expertise across all supported brands of equipment.
  • - Extensive inventory allows immediate shipment on most orders.
  • - All equipment includes detailed service reports for regulatory and hospital CMMS tracking.


Biomeds often find themselves in a lonely position performing vital work with short timelines. But they can avoid sudden maintenance needs while saving time and money by creating a T.Care maintenance schedule. T.Care provides an in-hospital preventative maintenance and repair support solution for many medical devices including oxygen blenders and infusion pumps.


Originating as a medical equipment distribution company in 2000 in Orange County, CA, Tenacore operates multiple service lines for patient monitoring, surgical, respiratory and fluid delivery equipment, as well as many other modalities. It also distributes new and used medical equipment and accessories.

Biomeds face difficult decisions every day while playing a crucial role in supporting the other members of their healthcare team. Tenacore stands with the Healthcare Technology Management community to help them make the best decisions for the patient’s safety and well-being.


For more information on Tenacore and its services and products, go to or call 800-297-2241.

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