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Tenacore is an ISO 13485:2003 certified manufacturer and service provider specializing in quality medical equipment repairs, OEM compatible parts, and new and refurbished products. Tenacore's products and services include:


Services & Repairs

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Relationships are the CORE of Tenacore. As such, we promise our customers:


We will adhere to ISO and FDA standards in order to maintain quality and mitigate risk


We will develop and deliver a diverse range of products and services to streamline your equipment purchases & maintenance schedule.


We will provide quality service & products in order to reduce costs & increase productivity.


We will provide our stability & longevity with continued support to hospitals, surgery centers & other healthcare markets worldwide.


Tenacore News

Tenacore now offers courier service in Southern California! Are you tired of having to pack and ship your repairs? Just call Tenacore and we’ll pick it up! For additional details please contact your account representative or call 800-297-2241.

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